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La3nocubano is a multigenre band from Slovakia, playing rhytms from all over the world - african, latin-american, arabian, gipsy, balkan, drum´n´bass or funky. It was founded in 2005 by a group of enthusiastic percussionists and after some time, melodic instruments were added, such as violin, keyboards, sax, flute, slovak traditional wooden flutes, bass and vocals. The boys are mixing it all up in a tasty worldmusic coctail, with a strong flavor of traditional slovak folk roots. Guys from La3nocubano are best known for their crazy live shows, full of dance, spontaneous improvizations and fun.

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Malom festival (Serbia), Cityhall fest (Vienna), Spot festival (Denmark), Fusion festival (DE), Colours of Ostrava (CZ),  Waves Festival (Vordingborg,DK), Visegrad Wave festival (Czeremcha, PL), XVIIIth "HERITAGE" WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL (Szolnok, HU), Ferrara Buskers festival (IT), Eurocultured (Manchester, UK), Last days of Summer (Manchester, UK), Aarhus Festival (DK)


Bažant Pohoda, POKE festival, Bratislava Jazz Days, Grape festival, Uprising, Drienok, Permoník, Dni Petržalky,...